I turned to my passion for cinema because film had provided me so much solace throughout my life. I endeavoured to find a way to turn this passion into something more meaningful and began to write about Indian cinema with a specific focus on Kerala, my country of birth.

Cinema is my breath.


Like all writers, I have a deep, abiding passion for words. Simply put, I'm a word person. I fell in love with words early as a young kid when I was first learning to write. Since then, it's all I've wanted to do.I love seeing my words not on the page, but in pixels. I'm a Script writer through and through, and I've worked on many south Indian films and media projects.

Cinema is my passion.


Cinema is my passion,Through the eternal battle between reality and illusion, as well as the twin components of the artist and the real world, we gravitate towards a greater understanding of the human condition. Using the likeness of the world we know, film illuminates our paths and teaches us who we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going to go.

Why I love cinema.


The ability of seeing the world through another’s eyes. We realize also that we are not alone, but that others share our same fears and trials. Because cinema mirrors so well the workings of the mind, we often unconsciously superimpose ourselves onto these characters. The heroes of the movies do not merely teach us to be the best we can possibly be.